Thursday, November 7, 2019 my life changed forever.

There are many defining moments that take place in our lives,  but none so defining as this for me.  November 7, 2019 the radiologist called and asked “Can you come in today by 3pm? I want to go over your test results.” It was 12 noon and I already knew in my heart what I would be told. I just didn’t know to what extent.  Monday morning, November 4, 2019, after just hosting our 14th Annual Holy Convocation and closing everything that Sunday night, I drove to the imaging center to have a biopsy of my left breast.  What I didn’t know was I would also have a biopsy of one of my auxiliary lymph nodes on my left side as well.  Her words to me were “I’m sorry but it is cancer and its aggressive. I’m not saying you are going to die but we have to get on this right away and your chances of survival are good. We can’t wait.”  I had my sister on FaceTime with me which was the best at the time because I checked out of the conversation for a few moments after she said “I’m sorry but it is cancer.” I rejoined the conversation and gathered my thoughts and let her know I was very aware I was not going to die because I believe God and I’m not finished fulfilling His plan for my life in the Earth. This diagnosis is for me to assist God in helping someone else, so what do we do next and by the time I Left the office, I had an Oncologist Surgeon, an Oncologist and an appointment the next day with the Surgeon that set off a myriad of other tests and appointments.  By the time I got to my appointment the next day, I was given my pathology report that confirmed that I was also Estrogen positive and Her2/Neu Positive.  That meant a whole other set of issues to deal with.  I now had to also fight this nasty protein receptor called HER2/Neu that affects 20% of women and I could no longer have anything that had Soy in it.  Who knew that everything, and I mean everything now has Soy!!!

The diagnosis was Stage 3 Invasive Carcinoma.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big advocate on getting your annual check-ups.  I understand the importance of early detection.  I have a yearly mammogram and a year prior to this the radiologist thought she saw something on my mammogram, however, when she did a further ultrasound, she could find nothing and asked that I come back in 6 months just to be sure.  As promised, I came back 6 months later and still nothing could be found but she wanted to continue to watch the area and asked that I come back in another six months.  I happily obliged her request as I have very dense breasts and I could not feel anything.  I also wanted to be ahead of anything that might show up.  As requested, I came back on October 21st for my mammogram and this time, she saw something and asked that I come back for a biopsy.  This is how quickly life can change.  In six months, what could not be seen not only was visible but had already spread and we had to act fast to stop it from spreading further.  In the next 2 weeks my life was a roller coaster of events and I had planned and paid for a trip to London and now I did not want to go.  I was told take the 4 days and travel to London and enjoy myself, because nothing would change in that short period of time.  I immediately had a complete bone scan, brain scan, CT scan of my chest, abdomen and pelvis to be sure that it had not spread any further.

After meeting with my surgeon, I found out that having surgery immediately would not be possible and I would have to first begin a series of Chemotherapy treatments to stop the further spread of any of these invasive cells and a whole plan of action for the rest of the year.  How did I get here?  I didn’t and still haven’t felt a thing.  How many women haven’t felt anything and don’t get checked.  Or feel something and ignore it.  It could be nothing or it could change your life.

I am a very, very, very, very, private person and I wanted to stay silent and not share any of this with anyone except my closest family and friends and go through this without telling anyone until the end of the process. But then God began to deal with me and said “with the platform I have given you, I want you to share your journey and help others live. People in the church don’t see Pastors and Leaders go through this type of journey until the end. I need someone to see the real process and know that they can live”. That is what I am doing.  I am sharing my ups and downs, my good days and bad days, my hair loss, my treatments and side-affects, and it is my prayer that this strengthens someone and causes you to fight to live and trust God in the process because on your worst day you are still Stronger than the Enemy!! This Picked the Wrong Chick so PLEASE follow me here and on Instagram @PastorSMixon, Facebook @SonyaMMixon and Youtube @Thispickedthewrongchick  and tell everyone to follow me. Even if they just want to be nosey, it may help them survive.

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If you are Estrogen Positive like me, you cannot have any Soy products.  Soy has become a new additive in most everyday food, drink and cosmetic products.  Be safe and check everything and I mean everything!

This is when you will find out who you really have that you can depend on and who just says it to be kind. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for not being able to return every phone call or text message.  Allow your support system to assist you in housework, cooking, cleaning and things that are just too stressful on your body right now.  Your body needs rest to heal make sure you get plenty of it.

APPLES AND BLUEBERRIES are 2 natural products that can assist in alleviating pain and aches you endure when your White Blood Cells begin reproducing themselves. This reproduction happens within your larger bones and can be excruciating.  White Blood Cells, when they reproduce, create Histamines within the body.  These Histamines can cause paralyzing pain in your muscles and joints, so bad that you may feel the need to go to the hospital.  Regular Claritin helps with this, as it is an Antihistamine.  If you are looking for a more natural solution or if the effects of the Claritin have already worn off for the day, then you can use foods that are natural Antihistamines like Apples and Blueberries.

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