Thoughtful Entertaining Tips

This free download as promised in my Etiquette Book, “B.Lady.” This FREE download will give you some helpful tips if you are hosting or attending a dinner in someone’s home and if you have or are an overnight guest.  No need for awkward situations.  Keep these tips handy and refer to them whenever necessary.   

Price: FREE

Home Event Organizer Sheet

Whenever you are hosting an event whether it be in your home or for your company or at another venue.  This FREE Event Organizer Sheet will help you keep your thoughts and notes regarding the event close at hand to help make your event a successful one.  This FREE download is mentioned in my Etiquette Book “B.Lady” and will surely save you time and a headache.  

Price: FREE

Overnight Guest Check List

You will surely be a hit with your family and friends as an amazing host when you utilize this Overnight Guest Check List to keep you organized.  Use this FREE download in conjunction with my book “B. Lady” to help prepare for your guests needs and keep you stress free. 

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Etiquette Mentoring for Adults

Sitting down to eat at a fancy restaurant can be challenging when you are not sure what utensils to use for which meal course.  That is after you spent hours deciding what you should wear to your company dinner party or to a State Dinner.  Unfortunately, proper Etiquette has eluded many of the recent Generations like, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z and those to come.  It has not been a popular topic of conversation and we have exchanged the structure of proper etiquette for what we consider comfort. However, as we become more and more successful and are invited to larger tables and conversation we have never been before, the need for understanding proper etiquette becomes necessary. 

Join us for live group mentoring.  Sign up today and learn what you need to know in various circumstances.      

4-week session   

Etiquette Mentoring for Children

This course is a specially designed mentoring course for Youth.  It will give young people the tools they need to feel comfortable when invited or hosting any event or attending major industry functions.  Our Children are not just our future, but they are our present.  Teaching them proper etiquette will give them a head start on fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.  By preparing them now to interact properly with others, they will feel comfortable and prepared to attend or host any function for their future success.  

4-week session

Boss Business Building

Sit with Sonya one on one and learn the 13 keys to building your dream as an entrepreneur.  Learn in this live setting what you need to build a business and become successful in business and life.  I will help you discover and cultivate your true hidden potential and teach you how I was able to be successful create and build 2 businesses and a non-profit even through major medical challenges and even cancer. I will help you develop a team of incredibly skillful individuals to assist you in setting up every step of your business from filing for your corporation, EIN number, website, photoshoots, Branding and Marketing.  Learn how to cultivate a business mind that will bring you profit and not just problems.

One on One Mentoring

Sit with Sonya one on one and receive personal training in Etiquette.  Bring your conversation to the table and I will assist you in developing the Etiquette skills you need to converse or network in any situation from business meetings to important interviews.  Be prepared for any event or to host any event knowing what you should say, what you should do and what you should wear at any function. Learn the secrets to becoming irresistible to others.